Size-frequency distribution of Vestoids


SELECT MPCORB.IAUNumber, MPCORB.IAUName, WISEDiameter.Diameter, WISEDiameter.SigDiameter, WISEDiameter.AlbedoV, WISEDiameter.SigAlbedoV FROM MPCORB join WISEDiameter using(Designation) join AstDysFamilyMembers using(Designation) WHERE AstDysFamilyMembers.FamilyId=4


Target tables: AstDysProperElements, WISEDiameter

Target tables: MPCORB, AstDysFamilyMembers, WISEDiameter

Description: Query to retrieve the designation, diameter, albedo of all asteroids belonging to the Vesta family (according to AstDys classification).

STILTS script

You can easily reproduce this example with this stilts script: