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The TAP Webservice

The TAP (Table Access Protocol) service is a Web service following the standard defined by the IVOA. This service is able to respond to any query expressed in ADQL on one or more tables.

MP3C TAP service can be accessed from https://mp3c.oca.eu/tap. You can use an internet browser, or a TAP client like TOPCAT or TAP Handle.

We provide here below several examples of typical queries, on minor planet orbital elements, surface colors, size, and taxonomic classes. You can adapt them to your needs. If you need support, contact us at mp3c |at| oca.eu.

Distribution of albedo in the asteroid main belt

You can easily get all the proper orbital elements and albedo of asteroids in the main belt to reproduce the figure here. This is the root of family identification, size-frequency distribution, etc.

Source code: mp3c-demo1.sh

Size-frequecy distribution of Vestoids

Source code: mp3c-demo2.sh

Command-line query tool: mp3c

We have set up a simple bash script which will query MP3C based on simple selection parameters on the orbital elements, absolute magnitude, diameter, and albedo. This tool is not extensive, but is here to accomodate the need of most users, and can be easily adapted to encompass the parameters relevant for your research.

Source code: mp3c